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[ccp4bb]: RedHat 7 woes and web page...

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I brought my system up2date with the latest glibc and compilers (2.2-12
and 2.96-69), and confirmed that the problems still exist. This suggests
that all RedHat 7 users are affected.

To make it easier to confirm this I have made a single script you can
run to check your system. It is on

 rh7test.csh > rh7test.log

Most faulty systems will start giving errors on cycle 8 and then get
into an apparently infinite loop.

I've also made a web page. The script and sample correct and incorrect
logfiles, as well as a matrix of working and non-working systems, are
shown. If people can send me the log files from the above script, I can
improve this table and check for any system dependences. The web page is


Further info will be posted to that page.