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[ccp4bb]: More on non-shared libraries on Irix...

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Here's the official word from SGI. What this means to me is that I won't
be bothering to supply pre-built binaries for Irix until I have the time
to get the builds sorted out. Sorry to anyone that this inconveniences.

Dr Harry Powell, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, MRC Centre, Hills
Road, Cambridge, CB2 2QH


..... it seems that as of Irix 6.4, SGI stopped including all nonshared
versions of Libraries with the Development Environment, since they are no
longer used for SPEC benchmarks. 

SGI no longer uses shared executables in benchmarks and because we have
not supported the compatibility of non-shared executable across IRIX
releases or patches we no longer ship these libraries nor the meant to
create non-shared executables.