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[ccp4bb]: MOSFLM, XDS, DENZO - summary

Title: MOSFLM, XDS, DENZO - summary
Summary of MOSFLM, XDS, DENZO question:

Good knowledge of the beam center was pointed out as important for a successful indexing. The (x,y) convensions are program specific.

I used Manfred Baumstarks version of Richard Kahns program xds2mosflm to get a mosflm orientation matrix. The ccp4 ROTGEN program could easily do the conversion between mosflm and denzo. The data could be integrated in xds, mosflm and xds though denzo (vers. linux_1.96.5) had problems fitting parameters probably because it only uses one image at a time. I briefly tried d*trek (7.0) for indexing but giving it a fair chance to succeed remains.


> Is there a simple way to convert the crystal missetting angles as given in
> xds to the conventions used in Mosflm or Denzo ? I would like to try
> integrating the data in mosflm and in denzo as well.
> The images are weak, one of the axes is almost perfectly aligned with the
> spindle axis and, as written, the resolution poor. XDS probably succeeds
> because it can use more frames than mosflm (6.1) or denzo.