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[ccp4bb]: Summary: Indexing Relationship Table?

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Dear CCP4BB members,

thanks a lot! I've received several pointers to tables with possible
reindexing relationships. Many of them were lying directly in front of me!
Thanks to all of you!

Here are the pointers:

- $CHTML/reindexing.html

- XDS indexing routine lists reindexing possibilities

- the HKL manual deals with them in its scalepack scenarios

- it's in the special Acta D issue on data collection and processing,
  Dauter (1999), Acta Cryst. D55, 1703-1717

Best regards,


Dirk Kostrewa
Paul Scherrer Institut   e-mail: dirk.kostrewa@psi.ch
Life Sciences             phone: +41-56-310-4722
OSRA/007                    fax: +41-56-310-4556
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