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[ccp4bb]: Indexing Relationship Table?

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Dear CCP4BB members,

I'm currently looking for a table that lists all possible indexing
relationships between two different data sets of the same crystal form if
the true space group symmetry is lower than the lattice symmetry (i.e. true
space group P3, lattice point group 3barm). I don't need this only for my
special case (where I think I've got all possibilities), but I believe this
should be of general interest to all crystallographers who have to get
consistent data sets from the same crystal form (i.e. all searches by trying
different soaking conditions). Of course, the first thing I did was to look
into the International Tables A,B,C, but surprisingly, I didn't find such a
table (or I have eggs on my eyes). Do you know about such a table and could
tell me and the CCP4BB the reference?

Many thanks in advance!

Dirk Kostrewa.

"I was stirring my brandy with a nail." Tom Waits

Dirk Kostrewa
Paul Scherrer Institut   e-mail: dirk.kostrewa@psi.ch
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