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[ccp4bb]: IMPORTANT: CCP4 4.1.1

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Dear CCP4 users

Following on from my earlier announcement regarding CCP4 4.1.1: a small
but insidious bug was accidentally introduced into one of the library
routines. This has now been fixed and the relevant files (including the
tar.gz and tar.Z files) for CCP4 4.1.1 have been updated on the ftp

IMPORTANT: If you downloaded any of the following files:

ccp4-4.1.1/lib.tar.gz/Z, or

system as they contain the bug and SHOULD NOT BE USED.

Downloads of all the relevant files made after 3:30pm Friday (GMT)
should be okay, at least, wrt to this problem.


Binary files with fixed executables will be made available again as soon
as I have them built and packed up (by the end of today, hopefully).

My profoundest apologies on behalf of CCP4 for any inconvenience this
may have caused you; for anyone else who needs reminding, the CCP4 4.1.1
announcement is repeated below.

Thanks for your patience, best wishes


                CCP4 4.1.1 Now Available

The Daresbury ftp server has been updated to patch release 4.1.1

Relative to 4.1, this release contains some fixes to problems discovered
in 4.1 (see the list below). If you have successfully installed 4.1 and
none of these problems is relevant to you, then there is probably no
point in updating.

If you want/need to update, then there is a global patch file provided
(pub/ccp4/ccp4/ccp4-4.1-4.1.1.diff.gz, but note that this will not patch
any binary files e.g. images or .class files) - otherwise it should be
safe to take individual files.


Also on the ftp server are some .tar.gz files containing binaries 
for IRIX (o)32-bit, IRIX n32-bit (prepared on IRIX6.5 R10k) and 
alpha (prepared on Digital UNIX V4.0F). If you want to to try these out,
un-tar the appropriate file in your $CCP4 and read the BINARY.readme file.
Please note:

1. You must get and un-tar the normal CCP4 distribution as well.
2. You must edit and source ccp4.setup as usual.
3. You need to run the script BINARY.setup to do some things normally done by
   the make step.
4. These binaries were compiled using default options - if you want anything
   fancy (e.g. more optimisation, higher mips level) you must compile it
5. These binaries were compiled statically with respect to CCP4 libraries,
   but will need basic system libraries (and not so basic for the X-windows
6. Fixes will continue to be given as source code patches, and it is unlikely
   that the binaries will keep up-to-date with these.

Summary of fixes in 4.1.1

areaimol:       TRANS keyword now covers +/-2 lattice translations
ccp4i:          version 1.2.7 with minor fixes
distang:        fix to recognise WAT as water residue
dyndom:         fix sensitivity to atom order in input file
LAPACK:         fix to ordering of libraries for linker
mapslicer:      fix for Tcl/Tk version 8.1 or higher, and for maps with
                starting sections not equal to zero
mlphare:        fix to reading in anisotropic B factors
molrep:         fix for problems with undefined files and crash under irix
mosflm:         fixed for 64-bit compilation under irix
                mosflm.hlp text help file included in $CCP4/help/
oasis:          fix for initialisation bug; caused crashes under irix
refmac5:        version 5.0.36 with minor fixes
revise:         fix to loggraph output, new RESOLUTION keyword
sfcheck:        fix for writing postscript files
tutorial2000:   updated MR tutorial, missing data and results files restored
x-windows:      fix for wrong timestamp of xdl_view source files
x-windows:      fix for broken distclean make target

As always: please check the CCP4 Problems Pages
(http://www.dl.ac.uk/CCP/CCP4/problems.html), and report any new
bugs/fixes to ccp4@ccp4.ac.uk.

Peter J Briggs, pjx@dl.ac.uk   Tel: +44 1925 603826
CCP4,         ccp4@ccp4.ac.uk  Fax: +44 1925 603825
Daresbury Laboratory, Daresbury, Warrington WA4 4AD