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[ccp4bb]: problems with NAD and some other monomers

Dear all Refiners

If you are using refmac and you have residues like NAD, NDP, FAD etc
then you may have encountered problem
that refmac does not want to run and gives message:

No match for full atom ID - subtract one character

It is related with the fact that refmac cannot extract element names for
these atoms. To avoid it
element names for these residues should be added. I have written small
jiffy which does that. I attach it.
There is README_add and source code add_element.f. READMe explains what
to do.


Garib N. Murshudov, Chemistry Department, University of York, U.K.
Tel: Home +44 (1904) 42 62 87, work:  +44 (1904) 43 25 65