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[ccp4bb]: portland group compiler options - linux

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Hi all,

Has anyone compiled ccp4-4.1.1 with the Portland Group compilers 
(pgcc and pgf77)?  I am currently  (on Linux machine with RH 6.2 with 
2.2.17 kernel and Intel processor) getting errors such as:

PGC/x86 Linux/x86 3.2-3: compilation completed with warnings
pgf77-warning-Extraneous argument for option ignored -f
pgf77-warning-Extraneous argument for option ignored -f

which doesn't bother me so much, but also:

..../lib/src/libccp4.so: undefined reference to `f_exit'
..../lib/src/libccp4.so: undefined reference to `ccp4ccif_cellinvert_'
..../lib/src/libccp4.so: undefined reference to `ccp4ccif_setup_context_'
..../lib/src/libccp4.so: undefined reference to `ccp4ccif_check_type_'
..../lib/src/libccp4.so: undefined reference to `f__units'
make[1]: *** [solomon] Error 1
make: *** [srcdir] Error 2

which bothers me more since it stops compilation.  Using gcc 
compilers on the same system doesn't have the same trouble.  I only 
found one old unanswered message in the archives mentioning Portland 
Group, but I thought I remembered several discussions of it so I 
thought I'd ask again.

Right now it's running the options provided by the command "configure 
--with-shared-lib --with-x linux".
My config.status is shown below.


# (Generated automatically by configure)
# CCP4 was configured as follows:
libdir="/public/apps/ccp4-4.1.1/lib"            RANLIB="ranlib" \
FC="pgf77"                      FOPTIM="-O" \
COPTIM="-O"             XFFLAGS="-fno-second-underscore -fno-globals" \
XCFLAGS="-DG77 -DPROTOTYPE -DHAVE_G2C_H"                CC="pgcc" \
LNS="ln -s"                     M4="m4 -D_g77=1" \
SETFLAGS="sftools_FLAGS='-fno-second-underscore -fno-globals -O'
                      refmac_FLAGS='-fno-second-underscore -fno-globals -O0'
         arp_warp_FLAGS='-fno-second-underscore -fno-globals -O -fforce-mem'
  mosflm_FFLAGS='-fno-second-underscore -fno-globals -O -w' 
-s'                filec_CFLAGS='-DG77 -DPROTOTYPE -DHAVE_G2C_H -O -Dlinux'
  dps_CFLAGS='-fno-second-underscore -fno-globals' " \
MAKE="make"                     F="f"       \
XLDFLAGS="" SHARE_LIB="ld -shared -soname libccp4.so --whole-archive 
-o libccp4.so libccp4
  SHARE_INST="$(INSTALL_DATA) `pwd`/libccp4.so $(libdir)/libccp4.so" \
TIDY="rm -f sta*" \
/public/apps/ccp4-4.1.1/configure --srcdir=/public/apps/ccp4-4.1.1 
cp4-4.1.1/bin --libdir=/public/apps/ccp4-4.1.1/lib  --with-shared-lib 
--with-x linux -hush
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