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Re: [ccp4bb]: portland group compiler options - linux

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> My config.status is shown below.
> config.status:
> #!/bin/sh
> # (Generated automatically by configure)
> # CCP4 was configured as follows:
> libdir="/public/apps/ccp4-4.1.1/lib"            RANLIB="ranlib" \
> FC="pgf77"                      FOPTIM="-O" \
> COPTIM="-O"             XFFLAGS="-fno-second-underscore -fno-globals" \
> XCFLAGS="-DG77 -DPROTOTYPE -DHAVE_G2C_H"                CC="pgcc" \

heres a snipet from the ccp4 linux page

CCP4 4.1

    Portland Group Compilers: There are a couple of reported problems
using Portland Group FORTRAN compiler pgf77 under Linux: 
      1.lib/src/library.c must NOT be compiled with -DG77 because this
triggers an "inconsistent declaration of f_exit()".
        Run configure linux options, edit the resulting config.status
file, and then rerun before building. 

<and some more/>

    (Thanks to Ethan Merritt)  


this could be the cause of the f_exit problem, im not sure if it will help
with others as we dont have the compilers to check this with. 

Please let ccp4 staff know how you get on (ccp4@ccp4.ac.uk)

(can somebody send me a summary of what is needed to get ccp4 compiled
with pg compilers? also do we need an extra configure option for these

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