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[ccp4bb]: combat template file anyone?

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Hi all,

I'd like to use combat instead of rotaprep now that we have ccp4i 
running, but we are apparently missing the template file for combat.  
There are templates for a lot of other ccp4 programs in the directory.  
I can't find the template on the ccp4 website either.  Has anyone 
written a template file for combat or do I have to figure out how to do 
that myself.  Thanks in advance.


ERROR reading command template file  ....../ccp4i/templates/combat.com
can't read "combat_script": no such variable
   while executing
"Execute $cmd $combat_script program_status report "
   (file "   ..../ccp4i/scripts/combat.script" line 17)
   invoked from within
"source [FileJoin [SearchPath TOP scripts $job_params(TASKNAME).script]]"
   (procedure "ExecuteScript" line 104)
   invoked from within
"ExecuteScript $system(SCRIPT)"
   ("script" arm line 7)
   invoked from within
"switch  $system(RUN_MODE) \
  script {
   source [file join $env(CCP4I_TOP) src execute.tcl]
   if { $project != "" } {
     ExecuteScript $sy..."
   (file "   ...../ccp4i/bin/ccp4ish.tcl" line 122)
   invoked from within
"source [file join $env(CCP4I_TOP) bin ccp4ish.tcl]"
   (file "   .....ccp4i/bin/ccp4ish" line 5)