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Re: [ccp4bb]: Data processing

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Hi Carlo:

If you do have a monoclinic cell with different b that the one offered by Denzo
(as others also suggest you to check) than first what you can do is scale your
data in orthorhombic cell and check the list of inconsistencies between
expected eqiuvalent reflections about h, k, or l (Scalepack produces such a
list, very long one in your logfile).
If for instance strong reflections hkl and -hkl are rather equivalent while hkl
and h-kl are not (and hkl and hk-l are not either) than your cell edge a is the
one with 2-fold symmetry and should go as b in monoclinic cell (you can do
matrix rotations in Denzo to change your a, b and c to new a', b' and c'). This
way you will get a monoclinic cell which will allow you (most likely) for
scaling of your data in monoclinic system.
If neither of three axes in orthorhombic cell shows equivalences where expected
than of course my advise won't work. But it is worth to check it.


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