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[ccp4bb]: Data processing

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Dear all,

I would like to collectively thank all those who replied to my message and
gave me useful suggestions; I will shortly post a short summary (just give
me some time to refresh my "space group and symmetry basics").

For the moment, I think that a possible candidate for my problem is, as a
few people pointed out, a wrong beam position; I am saying that because the
beam position is clearly offset in all the images, and I had a hard time
trying to find values that could lead to a "correct" indexing.
During the same synchrotron trip, a few other datasets were collected; in
one case, the mar345 was used in 300 mm mode, and the beam position was 151
mm in both directions ( instead of 150 for perfect centering); those data
were succesfully processed in a high-symmetry space group. My dataset was
collected in 180 mm mode, so my x beam and y beam must both be 91 mm,


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