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Re: [ccp4bb]: MOSFLM and SBC-CAT

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For mosflm you have to correct (= undistort and subtract dark current) the
images, and as far as I know only dtcorrect (in d*trek, Jim Pflugrath,
MSC) can do this for you.  d*trek requires licences and stuff, and beyond
that you'd need the TRANSFORM file from the dudes at SBC.  Ideally, dark
images too, although dtcorrect can generate dark-like images for you.  

The scanner is "sbc1".  

Good luck

> Has anybody processed data collected at the APS SBC-CAT beamline using
> MOSFLM.  If yes, can you please e-mail me the detector setups please.
> I can display the images using the ADSC keyword, but cannot seem to
> process it. Also, what I have are uncorrected images.
> Thanks.
> Rams.
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