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[ccp4bb]: X-plor/CNS newsgroup/mailing list

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Dear CNS/X-plor users,

The X-plor/CNS support newsgroup bionet.software.x-plor 
(simultaneously a mailing list x-plor@hgmp.mrc.ac.uk) has in recent 
years increasingly been target for unrelated postings ("spam"). Many 
users and CNS-experts have therefore unsubscribed from the list 
and/or use it rarely. 

I took the freedom to create a new moderated mailing list, which 
forwards messages from bionet.software.x-plor. Messages not related 
to Structural Biology are manually filtered out and only then 
forwarded to the list members. This way one can again "dare" to 
follow and participate in discussions on CNS/X-plor. 

The list address of the moderated list is cnsbb@yahoogroups.com. To 
subscribe to this list send an e-mail to 
cnsbb-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. The homepage of the list is 
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cnsbb. If you hate advertisements, 
you'll find an ads-free list archive at 
http://chips.csb.ki.se/cnsbb/. Please be aware that postings to this 
new list are not forwarded to bionet.software.x-plor / 
x-plor@hgmp.mrc.ac.uk. Moderating is very easy, but requires manual 
interaction. If you would be ready to co-moderate the list let me 
please know.

I'm not sure about the level of support, which will be offered on the 
X-plor list in the future, even if there would be no spam anymore. 
The intensity of discussions or rather the lack of them are somewhat 
disillusioning ... We use CNS a lot in our group and would certainly 
have benefit of a functioning support forum.


Winfried Meining

Dr. Winfried Meining 
Södertörns Högskola & Karolinska Institutet
Dept. of Biosciences at NOVUM, CSB
S-14157 Huddinge, Sweden
Tel.: +46-(0)8-6083-336 
Fax : +46-(0)8-6089-290