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[ccp4bb]: FW: First Beamlines for Diamond: call for expressions of interest

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Dear All,
This is for UK and (presumably) French PI's.
This announcement has appeared, I know some of you have it already.
I draw your attention to the beam lines for MX (8,9,10).
It will be very important that all UK group leaders write a letter to Liz
Not all the beam lines proposed here, may be built in the first phase (note
7 is their target
and there 8 proposed).
As the saying goes, "vote early vote often"
If your lab PI does not see CCP4BB, please pass this on.


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First Beamlines for Diamond: call for expressions of interest

Dear colleagues,

The Board of Directors of Diamond have approved the building of seven
beamlines to be ready for users in January 2007. The consultation exercise
produced a list of beamlines that would serve the needs of the scientific
community; they are to be found on :

Of these, eight have been identified as candidates for the day-one.

BL1    A Beamline for the Study of Materials under Extreme Conditions;

BL6    A Diffraction Beamline for the Study of Materials

BL8910 Three Protein Crystallography Beamlines

BL11   A Non-Crystalline Diffraction Beamline for Physical and Life Sciences

BL13   A Microfocus Spectroscopy Beamline

BL14   A Soft X-ray Beamline for the Study of Nanostructures

We now need to produce the scientific justification, and to move towards the
detailed specification and costing of each beamline. Small working groups
have produced outline specifications. These are shown in the separate
announcements that you can get by going to the particular the web address.

We urgently need your help in this process and ask you to provide short
outlines (two pages maximum) of the research that you would undertake with
each. This information will be used in putting the case for each beamline to
the Science Advisory Committee in June and in deciding which of the eight
should go forward.

Please send your replies before May 18th to give sufficient time before the
meeting of the SAC. Please note the different email addresses for reply. Add
any comments on the outline specification or on any other matter to do with
the beamlines.

The seven will be the first of an anticipated 30-plus beamlines that will be
built on Diamond. The SAC has recommended a steady build-up of beamlines
after the first phase. Your guidance will be essential in formulating the
longer term strategy and further consultation will be organised later this
year through the Synchrotron Radiation Users Forum.

Best regards and many thanks,

Chris Dobson and Colin Norris
Interim Science Directors for Diamond


Alison Mutch
Secretary to R J Cernik and P D Quinn
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Daresbury, Warrington, WA4 4AD
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