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Re: [ccp4bb]: Indexing programs - low resolution.

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Brian Schick wrote:
> Hello,
>      We have collected some low resolution rotation images that
> diffract to 10 angstroms.  I have attempted to determine the cell and
> index the crystal using MOSFLM, but am unable to refine the cell.
> What other programs might we try to index the crystal?
> --Brian Schick
> schick1@llnl.gov


The DPS package uses the same indexing algorithm as MOSFLM, but has a
new refinement program which works differently and might do better in
your case. Version 2.0, including dps_refine, will be available on the
DPS Web site (http://www.chess.cornell.edu/MacCHESS/DPS) in about a
week. Right now, I would be very interested in trying DPS on your images
if you would like to send me a few.

Marian Szebenyi