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[ccp4bb]: www.ccp4.ac.uk

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Dear All,

as of 11.** this morning uk time the old ccp4 www address : 

will now forward you to:


(hmmm im sure the header of the bb now needs updating....)

anyhow 90percent of the files have remained in the same place so most
people will never notice. 

It is best that you update your bookmarks.

some images are currently broken but this will change with time. dont
report broken images but do report broken links (to a.w.ashton@ccp4.ac.uk)! 

the ftp server will also soon change - an announcement will follow.

Alun Ashton,   awa@ccp4.ac.uk    Tel: +44 1925 603528
CCP4,          ccp4@ccp4.ac.uk   Fax: +44 1925 603825
Daresbury Lab,  Daresbury,  Warrington,  UK,  WA4 4AD