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[ccp4bb]: CCP4 on MS Windows OS

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Dear All,

The long awaited port for CCP4 onto Microsoft windows platforms is at last
being made publicly available.

I should emphasise that this version ccp4nt4.1.1b is CCP4 v4.1.1
compatible (bet you would never have guessed!) BUT it does have some
programs missing so ccp4nt4.1.1* will follow in time!

Please give it a go, details can be found at
http://www.ccp4.ac.uk/dev/ccp4onnt.html . Please read this document

feel free to ask me to clarify any point I may have left vague in this

as usual all feedback is welcome - even essential - so let me know even if
(or especially if!) you have no problems at all!

PS a big thanks to the ccp4nt testers and the patience of those who have
been told 'next week' for the last 6ish months!
Alun Ashton,   awa@ccp4.ac.uk    Tel: +44 1925 603528
CCP4,          ccp4@ccp4.ac.uk   Fax: +44 1925 603825
Daresbury Lab,  Daresbury,  Warrington,  UK,  WA4 4AD