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[ccp4bb]: Re: [ccp4]: CCP4 installation & COMPAQ FORTRAN

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Here is what we do under 4.0F with latest (V5.4A-1472-46B2F) f90

 1. set your limits to the highest value allowed:

    % unlimit   # in csh/tcsh

 2. the config.status contains

    FC="f90" FOPTIM="-O1"

That runs without problems the whole compilation. I guess there should
be no problem under Tru64 Unix 5.x using the same compiler.

If it still doesn't work: run the 'sys_check' program (as root) on
your Alpha and follow the tuning suggestions.

One note: for f90 the default optimisation is actually -O4. Using
'only' -O1 is a bit depressing, but as far as I can remember some
programs won't run correctly when compiled with higher
optimisations. My first guess would be that there are problems with
these programs - in my experience the Compag/Digital compilers are of
very high quality (although probably a bit picky about standard




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