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[ccp4bb]: CCP4 installation & COMPAQ FORTRAN

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I tried to install CCP4 4.1.1 on a new Compaq XP1000 running Tru64 Unix v5.1
with Compaq Fortran Compiler V5.4A-1472-46B2F.  On my first attempt the make
failed on REFMAC5 with this message:

f77 -O1 -fpe0 -assume dummy_aliases -nowarn -c -o /usr/local/ccp4_master/ccp4-4.1.1/src/make_lib.o /usr/local/ccp4_master/ccp4-4.1.1/src/refmac5_/make_lib.f
Fatal:  Insufficient virtual memory to continue compilation.
*** Exit 1
*** Exit 1

this was a serious surprise to me, since this machine has 1 GB RAM and 3 GB swap

> swapon -s
Swap partition /dev/disk/dsk0b (default swap):
    Allocated space:       393216 pages (3.00GB)
    In-use space:               1 pages (  0%)
    Free space:            393215 pages ( 99%)

Total swap allocation:
    Allocated space:       393216 pages (3.00GB)
    Reserved space:         11528 pages (  2%)
    In-use space:               1 pages (  0%)
    Available space:       381688 pages ( 97%)

looking over the f77 man page I found this:
  f77 - invokes the Compaq Fortran 90 (formerly DIGITAL Fortran 90) compiler
  f77 -old_f77 - invokes the Compaq Fortran 77 (formerly DIGITAL Fortran 77)

this gave me something to try; I cleaned up from the first attempt, did
setenv FC "f77 -old_f77"
then started over with configure.
this time the installation succeeded.

thought this might be of interest both to other users and to the CCP4
developers. to summarize:
a) the latest COMPAQ compiler calls f90 when you specify f77
b) at least one CCP4 program will not compile in this situation
c) the older f77 can be specifically invoked with "f77 -old_f77"

hmmm, maybe this explains why my CNS installation failed, too...

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