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Re: [ccp4bb]: Indexing I222?

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Try indexing with mosflm, using images far apart (90 degrees or so).  Also
make sure you have your beam centre correct....


> Denzo proposed the highest symmetry lattice as I centered orthorhombic
> with the skew parameter 0.18 %. This gives space groups I222 or I212121.
> The predictions in I222 never meet the spots. The unit cell parameters
> match almost exactly those of a similar structure of the same protein in the
> same space group. So it looks likely. But the misfit is BIIIIIG  (30 degrees
> in orientation of reciprocal space rows or more, different pattern, even the 
> spacing a bit bigger).
> Anyone has any ideas what to do?
> (Except indexing in P1, which is possible and searching for symmetry)
> Jan
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