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[ccp4bb]: mmCIF to mtz

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Hello all,

Is there a CCP4 tool for directly converting various mmCIF reflection
file formats (as deposited to PDB) to mtz format?

I have used SFTOOLS for this, but given the variable number and types of
fields entered in the PDB mmCIF reflection files (e.g., either intensity
or amplitudes may be deposited; presence or absence of
_refln.wavelength_id  or _refln.crystal_id fields) it is not simple to
script this conversion using SFTOOLS without first processing the mmCIF
reflection file.

Thanks for any advice.


David R. Buckler

679 Hoes Lane
Piscataway, NJ  08854
phone: (732) 235-5164
fax:   (732) 235-5289
e-mail: buckler@cabm.rutgers.edu