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[ccp4bb]: Re: your mail

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there are about 3 dozen entries in the pdb with space group C2
and a beta angle > 130 degrees. the highest beta angle of all
pdb entries occurs for 1SPG:

CRYST1   89.600   75.600   69.700  90.00 141.90  90.00 C 1 2 1       4

however, a look at the whatif output for a few of these
suggests there may be spacegroup problems or pseudo-
symmetry for several of these entries
(e.g.: http://www.cmbi.kun.nl/cgi-bin/nonotes?1spg)


> Denzo suggested a C2 cell with
> a = 143 b = 63 c = 94 beta = 130.
> Did anybody else observe such a large beta angle before in a protein crystal
> with a monoclinic cell?

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