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[ccp4bb]: crystallizable, acidic protein

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Hello all,
We are looking for a test protein for a new affinity purification method
and we are looking for a cDNA for a protein with an acidic pI that has
already been crystallized.  The easier to crystallize the better.  Does
anyone have
any suggestions?  We would want to obtain cDNA so we can create a new
expression construct.  Let me know.  Gloria
   Gloria Borgstahl                            Office  (419) 530-1501
   University of Toledo
   Department of Chemistry                     Lab  (419) 530-1581
   Wolfe Hall Room 3214
   2801 West Bancroft Street                   FAX  (419) 530-4033
   Toledo, OH 43606-3390

   Assistant Professor             http://sbl.chem.utoledo.edu/geob
   Hobbies:  Biochemistry, Protein Crystallography, DNA metabolism, 
   Breast Cancer, Physical  Characterization of Protein Crystals, X-ray
  diffraction physics, Arthur, Blues Clues, Little Bear and Franklin.