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[ccp4bb]: ccp4@dl/ccp4 quiet...

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We've not been ignoring people! but If anyone has been trying to contact
the DL CCP4 staff individually or the 'help desk' account ccp4@ccp4.ac.uk
then it seems one computer here went out on strike with the UK postal

This was due to lots of you out there having sensible mail servers which
refused 3.5Mb attachments so sending them back to sender (that's
technically us) and so filling up the disk.

emails are now getting through and the time scales involved should mean
emails were not lost - sigh... no sitting in the sun for me today!

Needless to say the restrictions on ccp4bb have again been changed. The
previous maximum message size was 4000000 characters which was a bit
excessive anyway. This has been GREATLY reduced! This may mean that people
will want to write in standard FORTRAN where 'words' do not exceed 6
letters ;). Or of course in computer programmer speak ITMS?

Collab Comput Projec 4
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CCP4,        ccp4@ccp4.ac.uk Fax: +44 1925 603825
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