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[ccp4bb]: Post-doctoral position available

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A post-doctoral position is available within in the group of Thilo Stehle at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School in Boston. We use protein crystallography and associated tools to study mechanisms of viral attachment and entry. The advertised position is NIH-funded for 5 years to study the molecular basis of reovirus pathogenesis. We aim to establish a structural foundation for the interaction of reoviruses with their cell surface receptors. The mammalian reoviruses are well-established model systems to study viral tropism, infectivity and pathogenesis. We have  recently determined the crystal structure of a key region of the reovirus cell attachment protein, Sigma-1, in the laboratory. Our research is now focused on obtaining complexes between Sigma 1 and its cellular receptors, on understanding the structural differences that are responsible for the receptor-binding properties of different reovirus strains, on understanding the remaining portion of the Sig!
ma 1 structure, and on analyzing mutant proteins with altered receptor specificities. 

The successful candidate will be highly motivated and will have experience in protein expression and purification. Some familiarity with the field of structural biology will be an asset. The position is available September 1, 2001.

Interested candidates should send their cv, a brief statement of research interests and the names of three references to:

Thilo Stehle, PhD
Laboratory of Developmental Immunology
Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School
Jackson-14 (GRJ-1446)
55 Fruit St
Boston, MA 02114 (USA)
Tel. 617.724.2890
Fax 617.724.3248