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[ccp4bb]: ACA registration, poster size, and vibrations

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Dear CCP4 World, again:

This is about my usual favorite topic: The 2001 meeting of the American
Crystallographic Association in Los Angeles.

The ACA extended its pre-registration deadline to today (June 5).
Registering after today will cost you more (depending on your status).
It's possible to register on-site, but very late registrations make
it harder for us to order beer.

The meeting web site is up and down, but when it's up it says at the top
that the maximum poster dimension is now 4 feet by 4 feet (120x120 cm).

Now back to crystallography: Ages ago, a heat wave combined with a minor
earthquake resulted in very nice crystals that never grew again.

Not shaking or baking (yet),
 Dan Anderson

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