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[ccp4bb]: Postdoctoral Positions in Protein Crystallography

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Two postdoctoral positions are available in protein crystallography at
Cornell University.  One position is for application of direct methods and
anomalous scattering to protein structure determination.  This position is
in collaboration with Dr. Herbert Hauptman and involves the combination of
direct methods and anomalous scattering (MAD/SAD) in protein structure
determination.  A wide variety of interesting proteins are available for
study. The second position is for the application of protein crystallography
to structure-based drug design and in the elucidation of enzyme mechanisms.
Specific areas of focus include purine nucleotide metabolism, polyamine
biosynthesis, and cofactor biosynthesis.  We are actively collaborating with
molecular modelers and medicinal chemists in both academia and in private

Cornell University is situated in the heart of the Finger Lakes region in
Ithaca, New York, a diverse community that offers a wealth of cultural and
recreational activities. The laboratory is well-equipped with all equipment
necessary for protein expression, purification and crystallization, and
X-ray crystallographic analyses. Synchrotron beam time is available at the
Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source and at the Advanced Photon Source.

For more information about the Ealick laboratory see

Candidates should forward a cover letter with curriculum vita and contact
information for three references to:

    Prof. Steven E. Ealick (see3@cornell.edu)
    Baker Laboratory
    Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
    Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853-1301 USA
    FAX: 607-255-1227
    Phone: 607-255-7967