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Re: [ccp4bb]: Vibration

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> After 3 days, the tray on the shelf yielded the usual lovely crystals.
> Much to my surprise, the tray on the Linux cluster had almost NO
> crystals at all ... even after more than a week.  After a couple weeks,
> I removed it to a regular shelf and crystals formed over night.

  Very interesting, but assuming you used HEWL, perhaps it's because
chickens don't like penguins.  After all, have you ever seen chickens
housed with penguins in a zoo?

  Seriously, though, an interesting question.

  The topic of nucleation reminds me of the old chemistry joke, about
the student who had heated a solution and was trying to crystallize the
substance of interest by cooling.  
As the professor walked by, the student complained that he was not
getting any crystallization in the beaker.  The professor suggested that
scratching the inside wall with a glass rod could initiate nucleation. 
A few minutes later the professor comes around again and finds the
student holding the beaker in one hand, and scratching on the wall of
the building with a glass rod with the other, shaking his head, saying: 
"I dunno, sir, it just doesn't seem to be working...."


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