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[ccp4bb]: Postdoctoral Positions Available at Florida State University

Applications are invited for postdoctoral positions in Dr. Hong Liís group to work on protein-RNA complexes involved in RNA processing. Several crystals containing protein-protein and protein-RNA complexes are available for immediate crystallographic analysis. Recent Ph.D graduates with experience in x-ray crystallography are encouraged to apply. Experience in protein or RNA biochemistry and purification is an advantage.

The Institute of Molecular Biophysics at FSU has four crystallographic groups with diverse interests that include structure-function studies of nucleic acid proteins, protein engineering, virus structures, and diffraction physics. In addition, the Institute hosts a wide range of other biophysical groups, that employ cyroEM, NMR, EPR, CD, computational  and time-resolved laser spectroscopy methods. The institute of Molecular Biophysics provides a unique interdisciplinary and collaborative environment for rich scientific interactions.

Our X-ray crystallography facilities include two Rigaku generators and an Elliott generator with fine focusing, two detectors, an R-axis IIc detector and a MAR165 charge coupled device (CCD) detector. Each detector is equipped with an Osmic Confocal mirror and Oxford cryo systems. We are also part of the south-eastern consortium for the third generation synchrotron source at the Advanced Photon Source with approximately 5 full days per year automatic beam-time allocation. In addition, our laboratory is equipped with the state-of-art facilities for protein expression/purification and RNA biochemistry.

For details about Florida State University Structural Biology Program,
please see our web site at: http://www.sb.fsu.edu

Interested candidates should send their CV, list of publications, a summary of research experience, and three names of references to

Dr. Hong Li
The Institute of Molecular Biophysics
Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL 32306

For additional information or inquiries, please send e-mail to hongli@sb.fsu.edu

Hong Li
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Institute of Molecular Biophysics, Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL 32306-4380
TEL: (850) 644-6785  FAX: (850) 561-1406
Home Page: http://www.sb.fsu.edu/~hongli