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[ccp4bb]: Protein crystallography position at AstraZeneca Sweden

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Protein Crystallographer, Senior Scientist

The Structural Chemistry Laboratory, Mölndal, is a research facility serving
the whole of the AstraZeneca organization, the role of which 
is to provide and promote the use of protein structural information in the
drug design process. The laboratory has around 30 people and 
the core disciplines in the laboratory are Protein Crystallo-graphy, NMR
Spectroscopy, Computational Chemistry and Protein Engineering. 
A position as a protein crystallographer is currently available within the
Structural Chemistry Laboratory. The position requires enthusiasm, 
flexibility as well as the ability to interact in a team and communicate

We are looking for an experienced protein crystallographer to join the
Crystallography Group at the Structural Chemistry Laboratory, 
Mölndal, Sweden. The main role for the candidate will be to, together with
other scientists, work in multi disciplinary teams to 
discover new drugs against a wide range of diseases.

Your role is to provide and promote the use of protein structural
information. In addition, the candidate will be responsible for 
identifying and introducing new software into the group aiming for more
automated and high throughput structure determination.

Knowledge of UNIX/LINUX and crystallography software is required since you
will interact both with external software 
partners and the local UNIX support. 

For more information please contact Tomas Lundqvist, +46-31-776 2414 or
email tomas.lundqvist@astrazeneca.com.

Send your application marked 153/01 "Protein Crystallographer" no later than
July 6 to AstraZeneca R&D Mölndal,  
Human Resources, Victoria Persson, SE-431 83 Mölndal, Sweden, e-mail

AstraZeneca is one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies with
approximately 50,000 employees. In Sweden, about 10,000 people work for the
company in pharmaceutical research, production and marketing.

Anders Åberg
Director - Structural Chemistry Laboratory
AstraZeneca R&D Mölndal
S-431 83 Mölndal, Sweden
tfn +46 - (0)31 776 20 88 
mobile +46 - (0)704 86 58 31
fax +46 - (0)31 776 37 92
Email: Anders.Aberg@astrazeneca.com
Intranet: http://scl.seml.astrazeneca.net/
Internet: http://www.astrazeneca.com/