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Re: [ccp4bb]: Map averaging.

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On Wed, 13 Jun 2001, Joao Barbosa wrote:

> I am using overlapmap to average 2 maps. These are from different complexes and
> have slight different cell parameters. I have managed to get the same number of
> grid points, but it is still complaining about the difference in the number of
> columns.
> By the way, this maps were calculated by CNS and converted to CCP4 format with
> xdlmapman. Any help in solving this is much appreciated. Are there other ways of
> averaging maps? I actually wanted to average 3 maps but from what I read,
> overlapmap will handle only 2.

read up on maprot.

if you want the full phase refinement/extension treatment instead of just
a one-off averaging you might look into dmmulti. i think it should handle
maps from more than 2 cells.  it shouldn't care about differences in
grids, as map values for averaging will be interpolated.

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