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RE: [ccp4bb]: ccp4bb- Warp-Arp

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Tassos wrote:
> A small note: I always use 1000-1500 reflections for Rfree instead 
> of the more 'standard' 10%. Saving on a few reflections sometimes 
> for me simply does the trick.

This 10% indeed is the same unreflected number like 10mg/ml conc
for crystallization. Meth enz 277 B pp 382 essentially states
in more cryptic words that 'as many reflections as necessary to make 
free R statistically meaningful' i.e., the error in Rfree reasonable.
That std error (p384) appears to be Rfree/sqrt(n), with n the number of
reflections, and not a percentage.

Handy ref in case one needs to respond to a review comment.