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[ccp4bb]: Update summary UV/VIS spectrophotometer

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Dear CCP4 colleagues,

As there were two more replies hereby an updated summary.

- Jeroen Mesters recommends Amershambiosciences:
Ultrospec 1100 for 3.700 Euro
Ultrospec 2100 for 5.300 Euro 
In his experience these prices can be negociated down.

- Spectronic Genesys 10. It's a 5nm bandwith instrument, so the results you get
won't be quite as nice as you'll get from a 2nm instrument, ~ $ 4000. If you
have a bit more money, I'd suggest going with the Genesys 6 which is a 2nm
instrument for $5500 US. Both of these use xenon lamps, so if you're using it
only occasionally you'll get much longer lamp life, as well as not having to
wait for it to warm up like tradition deuterium lamp instruments. Craig Behnke.

- Ocean Optics offer a minature UV/Vis spectrometer using fibre optic coupling
to deliver and collect the light source. Cost about £ 3000. Pat Bryant, who
purchased a minature spectrometer, based on Zeiss optics for £ 1800 plus
fibrelight UV/Vis source, around £ 500, then added some fibre optic coupling
had the local workshop build a closed cuvette holder.

- Shimadzu BioSpec 1601 which is very nice routine spectrometer. Does scanning,
and all sorts of other stuff, and can be hooked to a printer (or even PC if
be). Automatic UV lamp off-switching, which allows to keep it on pretty much
day. Allows also use of small volume cuvettes (80 ul), again handy with protein
work saving sample. Price £ 8000 pounds. Marko Hyvonen.

- Agilent (formerly HP) diode array instrument model 8453: around $ 20,000
including the computer. Probably overkill when you just want to measure protein
spectra but a very fine instrument for general and precise lab work. Even 15
year old instruments still work just as well as new. Ulrich Genick.
Stefan Becker also recommends the Agilent as simply great.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Mark van Raaij
Dpto de Bioquímica y Biología Molecular
Facultad de Farmacia, Universidad de Santiago
15782 Santiago de Compostela, Spain