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Re: [ccp4bb]: molscript on mac

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I have been using molscript and raster3D on OSX from 10.1.x -> 10.2.3, 
without problems.  molscript GL works especially well using the new X11 
from apple.

I am not sure if by posting the binaries on my site I will go against the 
wishes of the program authors - can anyone clarify this?


> Dear all,
> sorry for posting another non-ccp4 topic, but I've got a simple question
> and maybe someone can help me out... I'd like to know if it is possible
> to have molscript/raster 3D (and why not conscript) on a  Mac OSX
> environment (actually Mac OS 10.2.3), in order to utilise my old scripts
> and rapidly produce decent figures, before going through learning of
> PyMol, that looks actually one of the best solutions around. Thanks in
> advance for your suggestions,
> Seba



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