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Re: [ccp4bb]: Generating surface figures pt. II

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On Tue, 28 Jan 2003, Ethan Merritt wrote:

> I don't know if there is a similar option in POVSCRIPT, but POVRAY
> itself must surely support similar bounding surfaces?

povscript only has the "slab" option, which isn't particularly useful for
this sort of thing.  But I tossed in a "mapclip" boolean operator in a
newer version of povscript that just ignores triangles (originating from
electron density or grasp maps) with Z axis normals <= 0.0.  So only
triangles pointing *away* from the viewer are considered.  This doesn't
work so well for msms maps, since the triangles may not have the proper
directionality to begin with.  I hope its of some use:


I made an (admittedly lousy) example on the bottom of the following page:


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