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Re: [ccp4bb]: ccp4 on windows is missing (at least) 2 functions Howto do them?

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Hi Sue,
> We are teaching a class this semester in which we'd like the students to
> download coordinates and structure factors from the pdb, calculate a map, and
> inspect the map. Some students will want to change things in the model (do
> easy-type rebuilding.)
> The computer lab they're using has windows NT machines. (Putting Linux
> on these machines is, I've been told, not an option.)
> I've been trying to work an example using CCP4 (CCP4i) and O on a NT
> machine, but I'm running into two problems.
> 1) Conversion of the downloaded cif file to a mtz file. The CCP4
> windows distribution doesn't have cif2mtz (OK, the source code is
> there, but not the binary.) CCP4 does run a cif2mtz server, so I guess
> we could point the students at that server (there are only a dozen of
> 'em), but it'd be nice to be able to do this on the lab machines. Has
> anyone compiled this program (does it work) and have a binary to
> share?

nothing yet. Though would you be allowed to install Cygwin on the lab
> 2) Map format. We can use astex viewer for looking at the maps. We'd
> like to also let the students who wish to do so play with O. Map
> conversion seems to be a problem. O (NT) doesn't read binary CCP4 maps
> calculated on NT (O crashes). CCP4i (windows) doesn't seem to write O
> maps (the mapman binary, like cif2mtz, isn't there). (I'm hoping that
> O would read the NT calculated maps properly.) The MAPMAN server at
> UPPSALA doesn't do this either. Am I out of luck on this one?

MAPMAN is an uppsala utility(?) - try hassling the uppsala group :)

> Any other suggestions for a building program? AFAIK, xtalview isn't
> available for windows. Am I wrong? When I last looked at Swiss PDB
> (Deep View) a year ago, it had byte-swapping problems with maps
> calculated with CCP4 NT.

You are welcome to use the CCP4 programs which are available online. I
don't think SwissPDB viewer uses CCP4 libs that can cope with the byte/
cross platform problems. I could get a task online that would change the
NT map file into a unix map file. (by running maptona4 twice on the server
which is Linux should do the job?). That would at least let you use Swiss

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