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[ccp4bb]: about REFMAC

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I'm bigginer of CCP4

Now, I'm trying to use "old" REFMAC ver 4.0.2 (CCP4 ver 3.5) for
refinment of a protein binding inhibitor.
"Protin.dic" do not include inhibitor paramater because inhibitor was
synthesized in our lab.
Inhibitor compound includes indole-ring,some hetero-atoms and so on.

Then I proccesed as follows,
1. making dictionary file of inhibitor with "makedict" program.
2. re-writing protin.dic to include inhibitor dictionary file.
3. carring out "refmac".

but next error message is printed out
"***ERROR:  Group Name FR    given for Residue No.   1
   is NOT among those in the table of standard groups."

So, Am I something wrong with this way?
Is there another way?
I'm looking forward your reply.
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