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Re: [ccp4bb]: Some naive questions about AltiVec

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Dear Colleagues,

	I am as of this minute lurking here, hopefully to answer a few 
questions about AltiVec, PowerPC numerics, and optimization on MacOS X. 
As a bit of an introduction, my background is in synthetic/medicinal 
organic chemistry with some small bit of dabbling in computer modeling. 
I now work at Apple writing parts of vecLib and optimizing various 
parts of the OS.

If there is someone here interested in actually opening up ccp4bb to do 
some optimization, I will be happy to consult within the limits of my 
available free time. I think it would be pretty cool if ccp4bb ran 
speedily on a powerbook.

Best Regards,

Ian Ollmann, Ph.D.
Vector and Numerics Group
Core Operating Systems Division
Apple Computer