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[ccp4bb]: NCSref--input question

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I have a model that has 3 fold NCS in the ASU. Within the NCS unit there
are 4 chains, i.e a total of 12 chains in the pdb file. 
Chains in unit 1: A B C D
Chains in unit 2: E F G H
Chains in unit 3: I J K L

I am trying to use the NCSref program from ccp4i but the program stops
at the LSQKAB step with the following error:

Data line--- fit res CA 7 to 151 wch A
 Data line--- match res CA 7 to 148 rch B
                 Number of residues in reference chain span -( 141)
 does not match number of residues in ****

The problem as one can notice is that it is trying to match A to B
whereas A and E and I are NCS related. I tried inputing all the chains
under the "NCS units" of the GUI and also just ABCD but neither worked.

The help file does not give any clues about how to set this up and the
main ccp4 help page does not list this progam

Any help would be appreciated. I would like to keep if possible the
different chain ID's