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[ccp4bb]: CCP4 OS X Users: I may have screwed up your fink installation -- here's the fix

Hi Folks:

I am afraid I may have corrupted your fink installation if you used my fink-based ccp4 install script. As usual, I was trying to be clever without the IQ to back it up.

Fortunately the fix trivial:

sudo rm /sw/etc/profile.d/ccp4.sh

This means you'll have to set things up the old fashioned way if you want to run ccp4 in bash user shell in OS X (why you would want to is beyond me, but ...).

Anyway, I am really sorry for any problems this may have created for anyone.

If you have been getting fink warnings of the form

Odd number of elements in hash assignment at /sw/lib/perl5/Fink/PkgVersion.pm line 1730.
Use of uninitialized value in list assignment at /sw/lib/perl5/Fink/PkgVersion.pm line 1730.

this is the source of the problem.

(This is almost as embarrassing as the time I flooded the third floor of the LMB with about 5" of water.)

Again, sorry.

William G. Scott

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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
and The Center for the Molecular Biology of RNA
Sinsheimer Laboratories
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