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[ccp4bb]: Comments on G4 Ti, broken O

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the 10.2.3 update did break O for a few days (actually it broke my 
fix to a fix to a fix, if you know what i mean. now GLUT works almost 
as it should), but i fixed it as soon as i found out about it. it's 
in my jaguar directory

if you want to compare desktops, remember that all big macs now come 
with 2 processors. otherwise i get roughly the same single cpu 
timings as tassos for cpu intensive  work within o.

for portables, there are other things to consider, battery life, 
weight, graphics card etc i finally bought a 1GH Hz PB, been playing 
with it over the hols. i love being wireless!

i'll report on the radeon 9000 performance elsewhere.

have fun in york and happy new year

alwyn (home page http://xray.bmc.uu.se/alwyn