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Re: [ccp4bb]: p43212 vs p41212

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On Fri, 14 Feb 2003, sameeta bilgrami wrote:

> hai!!!
>   i have a quetion similar to one asked here...
> the question was...if we have p65/p61 wether we have
> to do the solution in MIR two four times i.e. p65
> flipped unflipped and p61 flipped unflipped...the
> answers were that we dont have to the flipped sites
> will be from the other space group....we have to find
> out all sites (even  those with the help of diffrence
> fourier ) in one space group and simply flip it we
> have to consider the other space group....
>  well i have space group p41212or p43212 and i think
> the same rules apply here ..or am i wrong...
>             Sameeta Bilgrami 

You are correct.  No need to flip the sites, just try the two 
enantiomorphic space groups.

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