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Re: [ccp4bb]: summary of sulphate binding at ATP binding sites

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On Thursday 20 February 2003 10:58 am, Mischa Machius wrote:
> > The spelling in 'Sulphate'  is correct, at least, for people who speak
> > and write Brittish english.
> Just to be anal: sulfur is Latin which has never had a 'ph'. That's
> Greek, which will be verified by Tassos. The Romans didn't like the
> Greek and would be very upset. There was an article in Nature a long
> time ago advocating to get rid of the Brittttish spelling of sulphur
> (must have been by an Oxford linguist). So, it's not about British or
> American spelling at all, solely about Latin vs. Greek spelling.

So - you would also prefer 'Fosforus' for element 15?

Ethan A Merritt
Dept of Biochemistry K428b
University of Washington - Seattle