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Re: [ccp4bb]: summary of sulphate spelling

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> Not meaning a flame, but...
> > sulfate (NOT sulphate !!!!!)
> The British spell it Sulphate (Sulphur), and they (and also Americans)
> spelled it that way long before we decided (in the 1970šs?) to spell it
> exclusively the other way. In reverence for the British roots of
> crystallography and chemistry, and in light of the actual physical location
> of CCP4, we should tolerate the flavour of their spelling as much as they
> tolerate ours.

actually, since a number of years (10 or 20 or so ?) the Royal Society of
Chemistry (very british and very chemistry) prefers the spelling with an 'f'.
looks like you're trying to be more british than the british ?

i hope this posting doesn't cause any ufeaval. i'm merely trying to ufold the
law. i know - it's an ufill struggle. perhaps we should allow for some
loofoles ? (i said loofoles, *not* peefoles ! and not sapfire, sheferd or
ufolstery either !)

what does alex mcferson, f.d., have to say about this ?


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