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[ccp4bb]: Cheshire cell for H32

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Requests for help with Cheshire cells and R32/H32 related problems have both
featured on the bulletin board recently so here is a question concerning the
two at once:
	I am trying to run a molecular replacement in Beast on a crystal
with H32 symmetry and I'm having problems working out what Cheshire cell to
use for the translation search.  I assume Beast is working in the hexagonal
setting as that is the ccp4 standard?  I am sure there is a way to work this
out from the Cheshire cell for R32 given in the reference Hirshfeld, Acta
Cryst., 1968 A24 p301, and the rhombohedral to hexagonal setting
transformation matrices in International Tables, but if someone else has
already done this that would save me a lot of headache!  I know I could
search over the entire unit cell, but since I am expecting six copies of my
molecule in the au and the model I am using has fairly low homology I fear
my solution would just get lost in the noise.
	Many thanks for any suggestions

Julie Tucker

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