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[ccp4bb]: Summary: FireWire Drive Problem

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Thanks for all the responses both to the bb and to me personally. Based on
the responses (11) majority of them (7) didn't have problem with FireWire
drive (many of them Maxtor). Several recommended treating the drive with
TLC. So I conclude we have been just unlucky.

Typical responses are given below:

Gerry McDermott wrote --

"Personally, I've used (and badly abused!) about 4 drives
over the past eighteen months and had no problems."
"Anyway, from our experience, I'd say you've been unlucky and bought a bad

Thierry wrote --

"The group has moved to firewire and we've bought ~ 6 months ago the new
120GB (Maxtor makes even bigger disks now). These too have been very

Claire wrote --

" They have proven to be consistently reliable, working for us every time,
but I am sure much of that is due to the care with which we transport them.
I always pack the drive in the box it came in ... and usually wrapped in an
extra foam sheet for good measure), and check it in my luggage,
surrounded by sweaters"

Balaji wrote --

"I have not had problems with my disks. Also, what I have done
occasionally is to get a second larger drive for the laptop and that is good
for us."

David J. Schuller wrote --

"We have seen a couple drives fail for MacCHESS customers, I know at least
one of them was a Maxtor.
You may notice those drives are specifically sold as "external" drives, not
We recommend to our customers that they can improve their chances by
bringing two drives and by
leaving their data on our disks until they are sure the data have made it
home safely."


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