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[ccp4bb]: FireWire Drive: another option

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One other option worth considering is an iPod (or other equivalent 
hard-drive MP3 player).  These things are made to take some degree of 
abuse and have the added advantage of allowing you to store music as 
well as data (up to 20 GB in the case of the priciest ipod) that you 
can then blast at high volume to keep yourself awake on the drive back 
from a synchrotron, or even use it at the synchrotron to drown out the 
constant background noises like the whining diffusion pumps and 
graduate students. ( Also I think with mosflm-processed data, there is 
an option that allows you to listen to the "music of the spacegroups.") 
  I use mine as a portable hard drive almost every day.

Bill Scott