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Re: [ccp4bb]: arp_warp 6.0

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> Has anyone had trouble running arp_warp.sh mode warpNtrace refmac5 
> under
> Linux
> from verson 6.0?
> The script exits with
> tlsonoff: Undefined variable.

hi -

seems that I missed more than the UK-USA war discussion while off-line
(I forget that Iraqi's are involved, since usually its US that shoots 
down UK
flying machines in the news)

Indeed the 'tlsonoff' problem is a bug.
I want to emphasize that the 'old' '5.0' way of running ARP/wARP
is not maintained and its very likely to have bugs.
The way to run ARP/wARP is via the ccp4i.

ARP/wARP does run in ccp4i under Linux and other supported systems.

A word of caution to updates for RH 8.0:

RH 8 has an annoying default: if you link (ln -s) a file from one 
to you current directory, /bin/rm needs confirmation for removing it.
That results in arp/warp 'hanging' right after the first building.

two solutions:

1. somebody tells me and everybody how to override this default....!
2. Edit $warpbin/arp_warp.sh and find these three lines:

/bin/rm cubes_dens.dat
/bin/rm cubes_table.dat
/bin/rm AA.XYZ RAMA.IN

and change them to:

/bin/rm -f cubes_dens.dat
/bin/rm -f cubes_table.dat
/bin/rm -f AA.XYZ RAMA.IN

good luck, Tassos