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Re: [ccp4bb]: What's the matter with STRUCTURE?

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  Below is an explanation I got from Structure. 


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Explanation from Structure--------------------------------------------

>From mjohnson@cell.com Tue Apr  8 13:58:12 2003
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Subject: RE: impact factor (Structure Feedback Form)


Dear Dr. San Martin,

The ISI has posted the correction in a rather obscure location on the Web of
Knowledge site (I've pasted the URL in above).  If you are unable to follow
the link above, you can see the errata posted in the "Notices" section, a
link for which appears below the "Submit" button on the beginning search
page.  After clicking on "Notices" you will need to scroll down quite a bit
before you reach the errata section.

As you might imagine, we have been in discussions with ISI to make the
correction available not just in the "notices" section but also in the live
database.  In those rare instances when Cell Press publishes an erratum, we
make note immediately in print and we also link the original article with an
erratum within the electronic environment.  We feel that a publisher has the
responsibility to correct a mistake as quickly and thoroughly as possible,
and we at Cell Press take that responsibility very seriously. 

Thank you very much for your continued interest in Structure and Cell Press

Best regards,

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On Mon, 29 Jul 2002, Stuchiner, Todd wrote:
> Dear Dr San Martin:
> A mistake was made reconciling the citations of Structure with Folding and
> Design with the citations of Structure.  The result is that the 2001 IF
> Structure is 6. a 903 instead of 1.975 as originally reported.  This is an
> increase from 6.7 in 2000.
> A correction will be posted on the ISI web of Knowledge / Journal Citation
> Reports site very soon
> Sincerely,
> Todd Stuchiner
> Circulation Department 
> Cell Press
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On Tue, 8 Apr 2003, Xiang XU wrote:

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> Hi, everyone:
>        Recently, I have solved a structure and intended to submit it to a top journal.  STRUCTURE come in my mind which is famous in  structural biology in past few years.  But, when I searched the impact factor on the website http://impactfactor.ifrance.com/impactfactor/, I found its impact factor was only 1.975 in 2002. It made me a great shock that such a good journal has so little factor. What's the matter with STRUCTURE?  What's happened on structural biology?  Are there few people willing to cite structural paper or this subject has losted its fascination and go out of fashion. I am a newman in crystallography and there is long way to go. It is a misery to give one's life on a declining career. Who can tell me what happend on STRUCTURE?  Is there any internal story in it?  I just knew its ownership had been changed.    
>   Thanks in advance, 
> Xiang
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